Rockstar has posted not one but three new trailers for its much-anticipated new chapter in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, GTA V.

Each of the videos focuses on a different main character in the game: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. You will be able to play as each of them throughout, with the option to jump from one main antagonist to another during missions in order to get a different angle of attack or vantage point.

In addition, Rockstar has revealed a competition for five fans around the globe to become in-game characters. Through a website set up for its in-game religion Epsilonism (a take on Scientology) you can enter your details and provide a photographic headshot as part of a global casting call. The five winners will become members of the Epsilon Program in the game itself. You will be honoured for all time - albeit as a religious loony.

Grand Theft Auto V will be out for Xbox 360 and PS3 on 17 September. You can enter the casting competition at Rockstar's dedicated website at