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(Pocket-lint) - Rockstar has released a whole stack of new screengrabs from its forthcoming fifth instalment (well, technically, 10th not including DLC and add-on packs) of the Grand Theft Auto franchise and while they won't make the rescheduled game release date come any faster, they may reveal a few clues.

Grand Theft Auto V will be coming out on 17 September, up to six months after the date originally slated - we may even have had it in our hands now - but good things are worth waiting for, and the latest batch of screens hint that it will have the biggest scope yet of all the series.

new gta v screens released scuba diving sky diving and other stuff that isn t diving image 8

For a start, there's scuba diving. Now, of course, this is most likely taken from a cut scene, but it's further confirmation that the series reintroduces underwater swimming, as in GTA San Andreas. Previous reports had suggested that you will be able to swim in a more-detailed sea environment, but only if you're wearing a scuba suit, and this seems to match that thought.

Developer Rockstar hasn't released any further details with the grabs, so an awful lot is still left to speculation. Hopefully, we'll see a new, updated trailer too. And we're still putting good money on a next-generation console announcement soon. At Pocket-lint, we still think there's something else behind the lengthy date shift. And the new screens do look mighty detailed.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.