Well huzzah! The second trailer for the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto V has arrived and it features Michael, Trevor and Franklin, the three lead characters that you will be able to switch between during the in-game missions.

In addition, the thing that Pocket-lint got from this latest slice of action - apart from a level of excitement normally reserved for kids full of Vimto - is that the lip syncing throughout the trailer is spot on. Could it be that Rockstar learnt something from its collaboration with Team Bondi on the excellent L.A. Noire?

Perhaps that's why the development house decided to use unknown actors rather than the Ray Liottas of this world, to spend more time with them and motion capture?

Whatever the answer, the trailer reinforces what we have been suspecting for some time: GTA V could well be the swan song title for this current generation of consoles. Enjoy. We did.

Grand Theft Auto V comes out for Xbox 360 and PS3 in spring 2013. We expect a PC version to follow at some point too.