We had the new GTA V trailer on Thursday, and ever since speculation on the latest instalment to Rockstar's smash-hit series has been in overdrive. And now, Rockstar has officially announced the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V - just in case the trailer wasn't quite confirmation enough.

Rockstar has confirmed that it will be taking place in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas, also taking in the surrounding area - as shown in the trailer, we''ll get beaches, hills and lots of countryside. Rockstar also states that the game will be, "a bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer".

The press release doesn't give a lot of detail in terms of the game, no release date or anything else, but it does offer up another chance to speculate - so here we go...

The most telling line in the official announcement is: "Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California". Most of us having an idea of that from the Dollar-esque "V" in the original announcement.

Now we've been able to earn money before in GTA titles, and, for that matter, spend our virtual cash on various bits and pieces; so it leaves us to wonder what new dynamic will be introduced to make this particular iteration that much more dollar-centric.

Will day-to-day living be that much more of a challenge? Will earning cash be more difficult? Will there be more ways to lose it?

Answers on a postcard.

Let us know what you think the new cash-centric GTA V will be all about in the comments.