Well blow us down with a very light breeze; this GTA V announcement has certainly taken the Pocket-lint offices by surprise, and it's certainly renewed our excitement, not only through the announcement but by giving us a date for the trailer.

The trailer we speak of is set for launch on 2 November, so all that's left is to speculate on what it will contain.

Well, we'd be very surprised if there wasn't the odd car thrown into the trailer, as well, and this is a long shot, some guns. As for other content, there have been rumours based on Rockstar's codename for GTA V - "Rush" - which have suggested it will be based in L.A. Characters have also been rumoured, but nothing really concrete.

So Rockstar, rather than going through the usual big industry event channels - E3 etc. - has placed its trust to the many tech sites to spread the word.And by the looks of it, it's working.

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