Rockstar is joining in on the Chinese New Year celebrations by offering both the iPad and iPhone versions of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for half-price. And if you've read our App of the Day review (of the iPad version) you'll know that, at £2.99, it's now a billy bargain and no mistake.

The game, which has also been hugely successful on the Nintendo DS and PSP, is a top down addition to the long running franchise and combines both the original GTA concept (from the first 2D PC game and its first sequel) with the massive open-world Liberty City of GTA III. It was also, when released on the dedicated hand-held consoles, £29.99 new.

However, the deal won't last for long - until this coming Sunday, in fact (13 February). After then, it will go back up to £5.99.

Incidentally, for those that don't know already, this year - in the Chinese calendar - is the year of the rabbit. Ann Summers will be pleased.

APP OF THE DAY - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD (iPad)