The Apple Mac is to finally get its own versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas, a mere 8 years after the PC edition made its debut.

The trilogy is likely to be in one package and is coming at some point in 2010 - as developer Rockstar Games states on its Facebook page:

"Look for the long-awaited release of the classic Grand Theft Auto Trilogy (Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) for Mac - most likely later this year.  We'll have much more info and a proper announcement soon.  But, yes, in case you were wondering, that is a world exclusive from Asked and Answered".

There's no comment on why it's taken so long to come though, although this GTA set may only be the beginning for ports of Rockstar's major titles.

Pocket-lint will bring you more as details are released.

Is this too late to make an impact on the Mac gaming market? Or, are the GTA games so classic that it's worth the wait? Let us know in the comments below...