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(Pocket-lint) - The Razer Kishi is a mobile gamepad that connects to your phone and lets you play numerous mobile games with tactile controls. Now it's discounted for Prime Day. 

While the Amazon Prime Day sales roll on, you can save up to 52% on the Android version of the controller. With the usual price being dropped to £42.99 in the UK  and $33.50 knocked off in the US making it $66.49

RazerRazer image 2


The controller itself touts all the usual features: Two thumb sticks, a directional pad, ABXY buttons, and shoulder triggers. It will work with any Android and iOS game that offers Android mobile controller support or is MFi Controller-compatible. Razer said it made Kishi with GameVice, a maker of Switch-like controllers, as part of a multi-year licensing agreement.

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One of the biggest improvements Kishi offers over Junglecat is it doesn't need to be charged separately, unlike the Junglecat’s two gamepads. Instead, the Kishi draws power from your phone. It has passthrough charging ports that will let you charge your phone while gaming, too.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Editing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 7 January 2020.