Razer has created a second Junglecat product, despite never launching the first device under that brand name.

A while back, Razer announced a sliding gamepad, called the Junglecat, but it quietly ditched that idea without an explanation. Now, it's launching another gamepad, called Junglecat again, but this time, it's a set of Nintendo Joy-Con-like controllers that connect to your phone.


They need a specific case to work, however. Razer only has only announced cases for five phones: the Razer Phone 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the US. (The rest of the world can get a Huawei P30 Pro case instead of the Note 9 case). If you don't have either of these Android phones, you'll get a bridge that connects them together, so you can still use them with your devices.


Razer says the controllers feature Bluetooth Low Energy and can deliver “instantaneous response with a reliable, low latency connection to your smartphone". It looks like you may need to charge them each over USB-C, though Razer says you can expect 100+ hours of gaming on a charge, which is impressive. They also feature remap buttons and adjustable sensitivity for the joysticks.

Junglecat is available to buy now from Razer for $99 in the US.