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(Pocket-lint) - Google has just announced its Android TV platform, and already the console announcements are starting to appear with Razer leading the pack.

The new Android TV platform will allow users to play Android games on the big screen at home using a controller. 

Razer's micro-console will not only be for gaming, but will also allow for movie and TV streaming as well as using apps. It's almost like a more advanced Chromecast which has Google's Android TV platform, so it will turn any TV into an Android TV.

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Razer says this console won't simply play basic Android games but will offer "hardcore gaming" - though it's not giving any more details just yet. Perhaps it's referring to the Unreal Engine 4 which works on the platform.

We'd love to know if the console supports Bluetooth controllers, perhaps even current console controllers. But Razer isn't giving anything else away, saying: "In keeping with the spirit of Google I/O, we will not be discussing specific product details at this time".

The new platform, the third time Google has launched a TV-based operating system, will be driven mainly by voice search, with you talking to your phone rather than shouting at the TV across the living room. 

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 25 June 2014.