(Pocket-lint) - It's been a little while since we heard anything about New Pokémon Snap, the long-awaited follow-up to one of the most beloved games from the Nintendo 64 era.

The sequel was announced in Summer of 2020 with a debut trailer, but we hadn't heard much of a peep more about it until now - Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have unveiled a new trailer, and confirmed its release date as 30 April 2021. 

That's nice and soon, and makes New Pokémon Snap a major part of what is the 25th anniversary year of the Pokémon franchise as a whole - an occasion that should merit a whole bunch of announcements throughout the year. 

The trailer is pretty gorgeous, showing off environments with the sort of detail and richness that many fans have been dreaming of for ages. It also shows the player character, a young photographer who'll be exploring the world of Lental, the new area where the game takes place. This time around it'll be Professor Mirror who's a guiding hand. 

It would seem that the story hook is going to revolve around some Pokémon glowing with what's called the Illumina phenomenon, and we can't wait to find out more when we get our hands on the game. 

It looks like there are going to be representatives from many different generations of Pokédex to snap as you take guided tours around areas, with items that you can use to encourage poses and interaction between different monsters. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Rik Henderson.