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(Pocket-lint) - Niantic is offering a new way to catch Legendary Pokemon this month in Pokemon Go, and it's adding a new Mythical Pokemon.

The official Pokemon Go Twitter account recently teased a new Mythical Pokemon, by posting an image of fossilised footprints. The tweet also promised that "something Mythical is coming". But Niantic hasn't yet confirmed which new Mythical Pokemon you can expect.

If you add up these clues, it's very likely Genesect, a Bug/Steel Pokemon first seen in the Pokemon Black and White fifth-generation installments. It's a Mythical monster from ancient times that was revived by the evil Team Plasma. Now, Niantic hasn't said when this Mythical Pokemon will arrive in Pokemon Go, but, as we said, some other Legendaries are currently available.

Right now, Thundurus is available in the game, and a few other Legendaries will also be available for special Raid weekends throughout March. There are still a few events set up for this month, including March's Community Day on March 15 and features the Psychic Pokemon Abra.

Niantic has also added Registeel and Cresselia for Go Battle League's season.

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