(Pocket-lint) - Pokemon Go is holding a special event for the entirety of next week.

To encourage you back out onto the streets, with Pokemon Go running on a smartphone, Niantic and the Pokemon Company are holding a special week of rock. From 18 May 2017 through to 25 May, you can discover more rock-type Pokemon in your area than before.

This will include Pokemon such as Omanyte, Onyx and Sudowoodo.

What's more, you will also get more candy from your buddy Pokemon. They will give you a candy after walking the quarter of the distance as normal.

It's not great for the fitness levels, but a real treat for persistent players.

PokeStops will give you more items during this time too. And Poke Balls will be discounted by a half, with prices slashed by 50 per cent in the in-game shop.

Pokemon Go was a massive hit last summer, with players around the globe constantly out and about to "catch 'em all". It's popularity might have waned a little since, but this latest promotional week might encourage to put your Pikachu pants back on and go out a'hunting.

There are plenty more Pokemon out there to be found these days. Rock and roll.

Writing by Rik Henderson.