One of the new additions to Pokemon Go that brings the Johto region Pokemon to the game is a change in Berries.

From the start, you've always had the option to use a Razz Berry to help when capturing a Pokemon. Now there are other types of Berry available to you, to assist you on your quest. 

Here's how the new Berries break down and what they're good for: 

1. Razz Berry

The original Berry is the Razz Berry. This you throw to a Pokemon you're trying to catch and it makes it easier to catch. It looks like a raspberry. If you're facing a Pokemon with high CP, then a Razz Berry will help tame it so you can catch it.

2. Nanab Berry

This is one of the new Berries that's available in Pokemon Go. This looks like a pink banana and again it's designed to make it easier to catch a Pokemon by calming it down. In the latest version of the game there are a lot more avoidance actions that Pokemon can take - and the Nanab will help reduce this, so you can hit it with a Poke Ball.

3. Pinap Berry

The Pinap Berry is more interesting, because this will boost the number of candies that you get from a Pokemon you catch. It looks like a pineapple. When you've hit a Pokemon with a Pinap, it then drops five candies rather than three - meaning that you'll get closer to the evolution number you need. This is a great Berry for rarer Pokemon.

Other changes...

One of the other changes that came about in the new Pokemon Go is how these Berries are managed. There's a new capture user interface that puts your Berries and Poke Balls in instant reach, rather than having to open a menu and select what you want as you did before.

Additionally, when you've hit a Pokemon with a Berry it is more obvious. You'll see the Berry listed next to that Pokemon's CP when you're trying to capture it, so you'll know it's still having an effect.