(Pocket-lint) - Niantic has moved quickly to reassure Pokemon Go fans that it is still working on its Apple Watch application, tweeting that it is coming soon.

The response came after an alleged "leaked" email was posted on Reddit, claiming that the Apple Watch Pokemon Go app was cancelled.

It said that "the game port for the Apple Watch has been shelved". However, it is now thought to have been a hoax to catch gullible fans as if they were Zubats.


An official tweet appeared on the @PokemonGo feed soon after, revealing that the Watch version is still on its way.

Those initially worried can now breath a huge sigh of relief.

To be honest, there were a couple of telltale signs in the email that didn't ring true with us. For a start, it said that the Apple Watch version was a "game port". It is not expected that the Apple Watch app will be a port of the game. It will instead work with the iPhone version, alerting you of nearby Pokemon and even track your calories as you hunt them.

It will not work independently to the existing Pokemon Go app.

When the app was announced during the launch of the iPhone 7, it was revealed to be coming before the end of 2016. It looks like that is still the case.

Writing by Rik Henderson.