Cancel all your Christmas orders: Niantic Labs is giving the best gift this Christmas with a special edition Santa Hat Pikachu.

In case you missed the news, your favourite Pokemon character has had a makeover, now wearing a festive hat for a limited time. Yes, we have Santachu.

The special edition festive Pikachu wearing a Santa hat is available to catch now, having gone live on 12 December and staying out in the world until 29 December, covering the whole of the Christmas period.

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Niantic Labs says that the new Santachu will be appearing in "large quantities", so aside from the fun of the special edition character, you'll be able to stock up on Pikachu candy help you gather enough to evolve into Raichu.

We found the special edition Pikachu after a short walk and it will appear in the Nearby feature, so it's easy to check if you're in the right area.

The Christmas Pokemon we found was hard to catch. Despite only being a CP407 Pikachu, it took plenty of throws to get it, but a nice Razz Berry, followed by a curving Great Ball did the trick.

The Pokemon Go Christmas event has only just started, so there's plenty of time to head out and catch yourself the cutest present you'll get this holiday.