(Pocket-lint) -  If you've been playing Pokémon Go since day 1 you may be starting to find the game is now starting to lack the same excitement as when it was first released. There's only so many times you can catch a Pidgey, Rattata or Caterpie.

The good news is there may soon be new Pokémon on the way for you to find, catch, evolve and battle. Pokémon Go gaming community The Silph Road has found files within the game's code that refer to 100 new Pokemon, all of which are Generation 2. The new Pokémon range from #152, Chikorita and go up to #251, Celebi.

There's also reference to a new 'Transform' battle move, which likely refers to Ditto and its ability to transform into whatever Pokémon it's battling. Ditto is a Generation 1 Pokémon but so far hasn't been spotted in the wild.

The Silph Road has pointed out that no moveset data has been assigned to the new Pokémon yet and hasn't even appeared in the code, so Niantic will probably have to issue an update to the app before the Pokémon can be introduced.

The community also says it hasn't "seen re-balances and additions come back to back this quickly in the history of the game. Can't wait to see what their plans are on these new fronts! Something tells us big things are happening sooner than later...". Consider us excited.

The Gen 2 Pokémon aren't available to find just yet, so don't worry if you don't see them, but hopefully it won't be too long before they start popping up. Redditor kdpha has stated that Niantic has been pretty quick to issue updates recently, not long after the code appears.

Writing by Max Langridge.