(Pocket-lint) - Hot on the heels of Apple’s announcement that Pokemon Go will be available as an app for the Apple Watch, it’s been confirmed that Android Wear smartwatches will soon have the same support.

Pokemon Go Hub has delved into the code of the latest Pokemon Go Android app and found several clues that confirm an Android Wear app is coming.

Within the Android app the website found a new "pokemongoplus" project which makes reference to Pokemon Go being made available on Android Wear. The really good news is that the code is marked as complete and ready for release, so expect to see some updates soon.

And if you have an Android Wear smartwatch but use an iPhone, you’ll be able to use the new Pokemon Go app as well.

The new app is said to work in the background and will be able to track and capture Pokemon. You will also receive notifications if you run out of Pokeballs or your bag is full of potions, incense and lures.

While a release date is yet to be confirmed, going by the information Pokemon Go Hub has discovered, it shouldn’t be too long a wait. You'll soon be able to catch them all on your wrist.

Writing by Max Langridge.