(Pocket-lint) - The nearby system in Pokemon Go hasn't really worked properly since launch, but everything could be about to change as Niantic Labs looks to super-charge Pokemon Go's maps.

In a recent app update, some changes came to the Pokemon Go nearby system. For the majority of players, this is as simple as adding some grass to the backgrounds of those nearby Pokemon. Except now it's called Sightings instead.

However, the more exciting side of this update is that it's reported that some players are getting a tracking system with a revamped Nearby system, as seen in a set of shared screenshots.

Now it seems that location tracking in Pokemon Go is going offer a Nearby system that's based around Poke Stops and a Sightings system for general Pokemon in the area. It's the former part that's newly refurbished.

Jackson Palmer @ummjackson

As revealed by Jackson Palmer on Twitter, it seems that some players have this new mapping system and some don't. We've tested a number of apps and not found this feature, so we suspect it's a limited roll-out test.

The new system ties into Poke Stops to reveal the Pokemon that have been spotted nearby, allowing to you see where you actually have to go, rather than it being fairly random as it has been up till now.

Jackson Palmer @ummjackson

This also introduces a top-down view, accessed via the Nearby tab, that will show you where you'd have to go on a 2D map. The new system also adds more detail to the 3D map so you can walk in the right direction.

There's no telling when this might become more universal, but it certainly looks like it's going to make it much easier to head out and find the Pokemon you're looking for.

We've heard nothing about this through official channels yet, but Palmer has also shared a video of it in action. Whether it's official or not, it certainly looks like an update we'd all like to get.

Writing by Chris Hall.