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(Pocket-lint) - Now is your chance to catch the Pokemon Go player of your dreams.

PokeMatch is a new Android and iOS app that lets you match with other people who play Pokemon Go. It's Tinder-like in that it has a swipe-left or swipe-right function when browsing for people, which is something that has become pretty standard in dating apps. You can also define your age and whether you're looking for men, women, both, or just a friend. You can also choose to meet someone from team Valor, Mystic, etc.

When you find a match, PokeMatch lets you designate a PokeStop so that you and your perfect someone can meet up. The app has only been live for a few days and has supposedly already created more than 10,000 matches. Pim de Witte, co-creator of the app, said PokeMatch is seeing insane growth: "Something I've never seen before is happening to us, and it is feeling kind of surreal."

"People are using our app all over the world. With the launch of our new iOS app, we hope to connect every single Pokemon Go player," he added. "It's not just a hook-up app, PokeMatch and Pokemon GO create actual connections between people, completely for free."

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If you've never used Tinder, PokeMatch works like this: when two users swipe right on each other, they match, which then opens up a chat stream, where the two users can talk and set up a (hopefully safe) place and time to meet. It uses Facebook’s login API, so you're profile photo will appear as your default photo to start with, but from there, you can customise your pics and preferences.

PokeMatch is free to download and use. Now go catch 'em all.  

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 25 July 2016.