(Pocket-lint) - This might shock you, but... Pokemon Go isn't the only augmented-reality app out there. Gasp!

The technology has been gaining momentum in recent years, especially with the advent of virtual reality (VR) and augmented-reality (AR) headsets, so there are actually several apps available that, although they aren't quite as nostalgic as Pokemon Go, do provide an experience in which your real world blends into a virtual one. In fact, Niantic Labs, the developers behind Pokemon Go, released another AR game years ago.

So, if the lure (heh, see what we did there?) of Pokemon Go is starting to wear off, Pocket-lint recommends checking out your other options. We've therefore rounded up some AR apps you should try, and we've included that old Niantic game too. Here's what we found.

AR apps and games

Ingress (Android | iOS)

Of course we're going to start off with Niantic's first AR title. This game turns your world into a globally-competitive game. The premise is that some unknown, mind-altering energy is taking over the world, as discovered by European scientists, so the world is divided into two forces: the Enlightened, which seek the power of this energy for themselves, and the Resistance, which tries to defend humanity against the force.

You have to go out and discover mysterious artifacts around you, some of which will help you in your quest. You also have to capture territories and defend them against the opposing team and solve thousands of mysteries. The story of Ingress evolves daily as you play it.

Zombies, Run! (Android | iOS)

If you like Pokemon Go because it gets you off your couch, check out this title that's all about making you fit, with the help of zombies. It's an immersive game that brings you into a world full of zombies, and to survive, you must run or jog - all while listening to the undead scream. You must collect supplies and unlock daily missions, too. Just remember to speed up when a zombie is on your heels.

Zombies Everywhere (Android | iOS)

Yes - another zombie app. This app works just like Pokemon Go, except you have to kill zombies instead of collect Pokemon.

The Walk (Android | iOS)

This was developed by the same team that created Zombies, Run!. In the game, which takes three months to finish, you must carry a package - that could save the world - to a mysterious destination. As you walk, you get closer to your destination and unlock immersive audio story clips.

Superhero Workout (Android | iOS)

Here's another fitness AR app from the creators of Zombies, Run!. In the game, you become the pilot of a battleship and must defend the world against alien forces. You'll do real-world exercises, like crunches and arm punches, to defeat aliens. The app uses motion detection too.

SpecTrek (Android)

This game is all about catching and getting rid of ghosts. It's a simple title that transforms your own world into a world full of ghouls. You must find where they're spawning using the GPS and camera on your phone, and then you try to catch them. The more ghosts you get, the better you do.

Clandestine Anomaly (Android | iOS)

Ever want to defend the world against an alien invasion? In this game, aliens are launching an attack on your planet and in your city. You are the Earth's only hope. You'll get to watch the alien invasion around you, deploy defensive and offensive tactics, build structures around your neighborhood, and take part in the battle from your home or move to real-world locations.

Temple Treasure Hunt Game (Android)

You can now be a treasure-hunter. This interactive game uses geo-location to turns the world around you into a temple full of hidden artifacts you need to uncover. You can either be a treasure protector or a treasure hunter. You can even play it with friends and family. For instance, you can share treasure trails with your friends, and all of you can hunt for the treasure together as a team.

Geocaching (Android | iOS)

This is another treasure-hunting, outdoor-based game. You basically get to discover real, hidden containers around the world - and some of them even contain small stuff for trade. It's basically the same thing as Pokemon Go, but instead of catching Pokemon on your phone, you’re trading real-world objects and stories with other adventurers from acround the globe.

Real Strike (iOS)

This app turns your reality into a military base and includes first-person shooting (but, please, don't use real guns). You have 25 weapons to choose from in the game that you can fire and reload. Combat items include night vision, thermal vision, and more.

Parallel Kingdom MMO (Android | iOS)

Want to enter into a past era of kings and kingdoms? This location-based MMORPG game lets you complete quests and slay monsters, with your location becoming the battle ground. There are 40 levels, trading options with other players, chat rooms, leaderboards, and more.

Night Terrors (Indiegogo)

This app isn't out yet, but we had to include it. Like horror films? Well, Night Terrors transforms your house into a haunted death trap.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.