With Pokemon go installed on just about every phone on the planet, you'll have no doubt seen plenty of photos of Pokemon in strange places - perfectly placed, you might say.

That's thanks to Pokemon Go's use of augmented reality - or AR - superimposing the Pokemon in-game character into your real world view, thanks to the phone's rear camera. 

Those photos are now filling up social, as everyone shares the Pokemon they've found and captured and in all sorts of weird places. 

But how are they doing it? Stick with us and we'll talk you through it. 

Pokemon Go: How to take a Pokemon photo

The option to take a photo of a Pokemon in the "real" world is built into the game.

  1. When you spot a Pokemon on the map, tap to capture them.
  2. This flips you into AR mode for the catch, with the camera icon on the right-hand side of your screen. Tap this
  3. Using the in-app camera you can then take a picture.
  4. Photos you take are saved to a Pokemon Go folder in your phone and you can then share them from there.
  5. Remember to press the back arrow to return to the game and capture the Pokemon. Whoo!
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When you take a photo using the in-app camera, your Trainer name is overlaid on the picture. If you want a screenshot including the Poke Ball and so on, you'll have to use the screenshot function on your phone instead.

Screenshot Pokemon Go on Android

To take a screenshot on Android, usually you have to press and hold the volume down and standby button at the same time. You'll then see the screen saved to the screenshots folder for sharing. Some Android phones offer a different method, such as palm swiping on Samsung, but you should be able to find the button combo easily enough.

Screenshot Pokemon Go on iPhone

To take a screenshot on iPhone is simple. You just have to press down the standby button and the home button at the same time. Again, you'll see the screen captured, ready to be shared. 

Pokemon Go: Taking Pokemon photos in crazy places

Many of the Pokemon you catch will be on a street or in a park, in places that aren't particularly special and don't make interesting photos. However, you can easily move things around once you've found the Pokemon you want to photograph and photo them anywhere you want. 

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  1. Find a Pokemon to catch and tap on that Pokemon to enter the AR view on your phone.
  2. Then press the standby button on your phone to send it to sleep.
  3. Move to somewhere more interesting where you want to take your photo.
  4. Unlock your phone and you'll return to the view of the Pokemon but in your new location. 
  5. You can then screenshot or use the in-app camera to take a funny or more interesting picture of that Pokemon in a strange place.

This is how we got Drowzee on the carpet at the Star Trek Beyond premier in London, for example.

Happy snapping!