Pokemon Go has been a global hit. The augmented reality game is available for iOS and Android in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and now the UK too, so you can head out onto the streets to find and catch Pokemon.

However, how do you know which Pokemon to look for? And how many can you catch exactly?

There are more than 700 Pokemon that have appeared in the franchise in the last 20 years, 729 to be precise, but the number of them that can be caught in Pokemon Go is far smaller. In fact, thanks to Reddit user Juxlos, who deep dived into the field test version of the game, it has been revealed that there are 151 Pokemon in the mobile app to be found.

At least, there were 151 data files for Pokemon in the test version seeded a few months back. There might be more in the full consumer release, although 151 sounds about right as that's the exact same number of Pokemon that appeared in the original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue Game Boy games that originally started the whole (Poke) ball rolling.

It has lead many to believe that Pokemon Go has, therefore, the entire original cast of critters for you to catch.

And on that basis, we present all 151 to you so you can see what you are looking for, and even tick them off when you've caught them.

Just flick through our gallery above and you'll find all 151 Pokemon in alphabetical order.

Many of them are evolved versions of others. We've also attempted to find stills of them taken from the cartoon series or games, to make the experience even more retro. We hope they give you fond memories of the last time Pokemon took over the world.