(Pocket-lint) - The world has gone Pokemon mad thanks to Pokemon Go, the augmented reality mobile game that has taken off so spectacularly it is on more Android phones in the States than Tinder.

Nintendo, part owner of The Pokemon Company, has seen its market value soar because of the craze and is likely to continue to capitalise thanks to the arrival of the latest RPGs in November. Pokemon Sun and Moon will continue the franchise for the 3DS in time for Christmas.

However, in the meantime, to whet players' appetites in advance of Sun and Moon and to show Pokemon Go fans where it all started 20 years ago, the Japanese gaming giant is also putting Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition on sale from tomorrow, 14 July.

Pokemon Red and Blue started the whole "Gotta Catch'em All" bandwagon a-rolling. They were the first Pokemon games to be released - for the Game Boy - and became overnight hits, much like Pokemon Go on iOS and Android.

Pokemon Yellow followed a couple of years later, using the same engine but adding Pikachu as a starting Pokemon for Poke Trainer Ash. It was also available for the Game Boy Color.

All three games are available to download for the Nintendo 3DS as part of the company's Virtual Console line-up. They usually cost £8.99 apiece, but will cost just £6.29 each for the next two weeks.

What's more, after a future update, all Pokemon caught in any of the three games will be able to be transferred using the Pokemon Bank to Sun and Moon when they are available - an added incentive for the avid collector.

Writing by Rik Henderson.