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(Pocket-lint) - Pokemon developers, Niantic are already working hard on building new features in to its hit mobile game. Speaking to Tech Insider, the developers claim that Pokemon Go players will soon be able to trade characters. This is just one of many upcoming features designed to keep players onboard and playing longer. 

Niantic CEO John Hanke told TI that having the ability to trade Pokemon characters is "kind of a core element", and something we've seen in classic Pokemon games in the past. Although he didn't reveal the exact mechanics of how this would work, trading ties in well with the what the game is trying to do which is basically just encouraging players to interact with each other in the AR world. 

As well as the key trading feature, upcoming updates will also include new ways to interact and play with Pokéstops and Gyms. These are the landmarks in the real world where players go to stock up on items, build up their experience and battle each other. Game players will soon be able to customise their functions, rather than use them in only their current "basic" state. 

More importantly, the core mechanics of the game will be updated with more advanced AR technology. Although specifics weren't really given, Hanke said that the current implementation is a "great first step", but that there is much more available to them which they can implement. In future we might even see the title updated to work on dedicated AR devices. These could be the likes of HoloLens, or the Magic Leap device Google has been working on for some time. 

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With a dedicated AR device running Pokemon, players wouldn't need to be staring at their phones, instead they would have the image beamed directly to their eyes using a headset of some kind. 

Of course this market is only in its infancy now, so this kind of feature is likely some way off. By then, hype surrounding the game could have completely died off. That's assuming the AR market takes off in the first place. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.