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(Pocket-lint) - Hundreds of iPhone and iPod touch owners are complaining of being ripped off by downloading an app purporting to be Pokemon Yellow for iOS devices. Instead of being the full game, as advertised in its description, the application shows one picture and then promptly crashes.

Released by "developer" Home of Anime (who also goes by the name Daniel Burford) and priced at 69p, the app's App Store listing describes it as featuring "full high resolution Retina display graphics", "addictive gameplay and battles", "original sounds, features, Pokemon and characters", and an "intuitive and clear interface". However, the only battle people are having with it is getting it to work, leading many to believe that it's just a scam.

The Customer Reviews are certainly full of irate people: "Total rip off got it for my son," says Pokemadcity. "Wish I'd bothered to read reviews as you pay for a picture that crashes... Hope you rot in hell for ripping off kids... Scum is the best name for you!!"

CaptainAwesome128 posts, "Don't buy! Doesn't work and NOT THE GAME!!!!! Disappointed and would like to hunt down this guy and spit in his coffee! And watch as he drinks unaware and then feed his pet fish judas to him and call it a steak and see as he eats it unaware of my master skills in deception! Then tell him what he has done and watch as his life falls apart around him! I bet his name is Andy! F#^* you Andy!"

WoahItsDanny comes up with the best point though, "How does this even get approved by Apple?!"

And that's the main issue. Not only is this so-called Pokemon Yellow completely unauthorised by Nintendo, but it doesn't even work. Who at Apple approved this and under what criteria? And if this has been passed, why is the iPad version of the OnLive Player still languishing in approval hell (since the beginning of December 2011)?

We'll endeavour to find out. For now though, steer well clear of Pokemon Yellow iOS and House of Anime. You may even be tempted to try the Digimon+ and YuGiOh+ apps from the same "developer", but we have some advice for you: Take your 69 pennies and literally throw them down a nearby drain. At least you'll get sound effects and the thrill of interaction that way.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.