The über addictive Pokemon franchise looks to be headed to smartphones in the form of a tap based music game.

Sadly that means we won't be getting any traditional pocket-monster battling action on our mobiles.

But what we will be getting, however, is the opportunity to tap along to our favourite music from the Pokemon Black and White TV series. According to, the idea is that you touch Pokemon cards in sync with the music. 

The app is called Pokemon Say Tap and is set for release in Japan this Summer for free on Android and iOS. 

There are no details as of yet in terms of localisation of the app, so no Ash Ketchum in our pockets quite yet.

It seems bizarre that Nintendo is allowing one of its biggest franchises to appear on the hardware platforms it competes most with. 

Honestly though, what we really want is a bit of proper Pokemon action on our smartphones. Reliving the glory days of blue and red could see us Pocket-linters forgetting tech entirely to focus on getting our Charizard up to level 36. 

Pokemon? Or you cooler than that?