Since Sony waved goodbye to the UMD, those wishing to upgrade/splash out on the PSP Go are going to be getting awfully familiar with the PlayStation Store. Now we know that change can be a difficult thing to get used to, so, to help ease the move from one format to t'other, do have a read of this here Pocket-lint guide on how it all works.

The short answer is no, no you don't. If you have a PSP-1000, 2000 or 3000 and a UMD drive, then you can just continue buying games in shops or online as you always have done. Just no promises as to how long Sony decides to continue the format for. If, on the other hand, you have a PSP Go and therefore no UMD drive, then it's downloads only for you, which is going to involve the Store at some point.

The two main methods of getting the content onto your device are via the PSP Go itself over a Wi-Fi connection or by side loading from a PC via a USB cable. If going for the latter method, you'll need to install Media Go which is Sony's iTunes-like desptop application for organising your media and accessing the Store portal. The third way of doing things is to download media onto your PS3, if you happen to have one, and then a transfer via USB from there.

Games is obviously the big focus. There are games for the PS3 as well as the PSP and mobile phone-type application titles called Minis which cost anywhere between £2.49 and £3.99 and take up no more than 100MB of storage. There's currently a total of 162 games for the handheld and more will be added each week, we're told. There are also free game demos, movie trailers, short films (currently free) and other content in the shape of themes and wallpapers for your PSP. After a deal with Marvel, comics will also be added soon and expect there to be a full movie and TV series push as well.

We'd like to tell you that Sony's got your back here but it hasn't. There's an offer open initially whereby you can download three games, from a set list, for free if you have any game at all on UMD, but there is no way to transfer your already purchased optical disk titles onto the PSP Go. On the plus side, if you do wish you repurchase any from the Store, all the old games are available.

Yes, if you want to. Download the software, register your user name and password for free, add funds to your in-store Wallet with a credit or debit card and get shopping. Technically, you don't even need a PS product at all. Just don't expect much joy trying to play the games on your computer.