Last October, we posted a story with a quote from Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida who said that the company had a development team working on Gran Turismo on the PSP, but that it wasn't ready yet.

Nearly a year later, Sony has finally announced that the game is getting a release on the console. The PSP edition contains more than 800 vehicles from real-world car manufacturers, all with driving dynamics specific to each model. There's over 4500 paint variations, too.

You can race them around 35 tracks, and "70 variations on those tracks" (which just sounds like you can go round each one backwards) that include original courses, world circuits, city courses and other racing environments.

Various gameplay modes are available - driving challenge, single player, time trial and drift trial, and multiplayer is accomplished through the PSP's ad-hoc mode with a series of head-to-head races that handicap faster drivers with slower cars. You'll also be able to trade cars with other players.

Gran Turismo PSP comes on UMD but also as a downloadable product via the PSNetwork for owners of the all-new PSP Go - which doesn't take UMDs. It's out in the United States now, we'll keep you posted on European availability.