Sony has announced a couple of handy accessories for its PSP go handheld console. There's a Bluetooth headset reciever, and a convertor cable that'll let you use accessories designed for the old PSP on the PSP go's "multi-use connector".

The Bluetooth headset receiver lets you connect up headphones or headsets and use Bluetooth tech to wirelessly transfer sound from the console to your ears. It comes with play, stop, pause, forward, rewind and volume buttons, and can be paired with upto eight Bluetooth devices.

There's a bunch of other accessories too, including a cradle, AV cable, USB adaptor, travel case, headset and various memory sticks, but they'll only be launching in the United States. Evidently sales have been too weak in the UK to justify their launch over here.

The Bluetooth headset receiver and convertor cable will be available in January 2010.