Wandering the halls of Berlin's IFA trade show, we came across a company called Krator, whose website claims it just sells speakers. It was exhibiting a lot more, though, including this awesome guitar controller for PC and PS3.

It's called the Krator Orpheus WG-07 and just looking at it makes us want to burn down churches in Norway and sacrifice a goat. It's wireless, made of wood and aluminium and will work with Guitar Hero and Rock Band, as well as "MTV Games".

As we say, there's no mention of it on the company's website, but we've enquired with Krator to find out whether it'll be on sale anywhere in the near future. When we hear back, we'll dye our hair black, rename ourselves "Klaus von Deth" and rock out, and then tell you about it.

Update: Krator says: "The launching date of the guitar is not confirmed yet. I