Sony has written a post on its PlayStation blog that reveals that PlayStation Home v1.3 will be arriving this September. Sony reckons this update is "excessive and impressive in quality, extent, and degree". Crikey.

Universal game launching is top of the features list, allowing users to launch into any PlayStation 3 game directly from Home. You won't have to sign out of home to play with friends any more - just put the disc in and off you go.

New purchase options are included - a previewing option is present for clothing and furniture, complete with rotation and zoom. There's also rentable items and "consumables", like shrinking potions" that have been added.

New cameras and other portable objects have been included too, and there's a metric ton of bug fixes, additional emotes, and other small UI improvements. The patch is due sometime in September, and full patch notes will be posted on the PS Home forum on Sony's website nearer the time.