Amazon appear to be first out of the box in the UK pricing the new PS3 slim at £249.99 with a 4 September shipping date, considerably earlier than some UK tech websites had previously rumoured.

The new console announced on Tuesday at GamesCom in Germany will sport a 120GB hard drive and be 32% smaller, 30 percent lighter and use 34 percent less power than the current console.

The price means the console is £70 more expensive in the UK than the US.

The console will come with a Dual Shock Controller, Blu-ray player and the ability to connect to a BRAVIA Sync enabled TV.

Other features, which will come via a firmware update over the current model include BBC iPlayer support.

Besides iPlayer support, the new console will have a new firmware that will offer Dynamic wallpapers, improved navigation, short cut to PlayStation Store from the game section, a "What's New" area that allows view and shortcut to last three games played, and quick browsing of new content on PlayStation Store.