Due out in time for Christmas, Sony is hoping to appeal to the cute side of your gaming with a new augmented reality game called EyePet.

Using the Sony EyeToy (web camera) the console will display a cute critter on any flat surface in front of the camera and allow you to interactive with it as if it was real.

The virtual pet, of course, can be customised, played with, toyed and annoyed with a stack of content available on the game disk and more promised via downloadable content after the game has launched.

No word on an exact release day, although expect your kids to be pestering you once word gets out how adorable this really is.

From our brief hands on, it's pretty stunning, although admittedly basic - it's no Project Natal for example, but with bubble blowers and trampolines as just some of the interactive toys you can play with, this is bound to be a sure fire hit this Christmas.