Logitech has announced that it's going to be launching a premium guitar and drum kit for the PS3, to match its offerings on the Xbox 360.

The Wireless Drum Controller has "quiet, responsive" drum heads with recessed rims that deliver a "lively feel", apparently, along with two cymbal pads. The kick pedal has a steel surface and an adjustable spring while the whole thing is powered by two AA batteries for up to 50 hours on a single charge

The guitar, on the other hand, has a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and proper metal frets. You could probably string some strings over the top of it and use it as an actual guitar, if you wanted to. There's a touch-slider on the fretboard, too, for use in Guitar Hero World Tour.

The drum kit will be available from the start of August and cost £180 in the UK and $229 in the US. The guitar will be arriving a month later in September. That'll also cost £180.