A Sony patent could point to more motion controlled gaming than just the wand-based system the company has currently demoed.

Sharing a fair bit in common with Microsoft's Project Natal motion control system, the recently-revealed patent sees Sony gamers using ordinary, everyday objects as in-game game controllers.

The patent describes a way in which a camera can dynamically map any real-word object for use in a video game.

The patent blurb refers to "items such as coffee mugs, drinking glasses, books, bottles, etc", but in theory would see any three dimensional object able to be used.

Players would "show" the object to the cameras, rotate it, and save a profile of it for use in a game.

This description seems very similar to how Microsoft's Project Natal system appeared to scan and save a skateboard in the company's official promo video.

We will keep you posted with Sony motion control and Microsoft Project Natal news as we have it.