Sony has joined Microsoft in playing catch up to Nintendo by demonstrating a motion-sensing controller - albeit one that's just a prototype right now.

Sony showed its motion controller - or rather an engineering prototype of the future device - on stage at the E3 gaming show.

The controller looks like a black remote control with a round plastic bulb - or in Sony's words "glowing sphere" at the end. This bulb can then be tracked by the PlayStation EyeToy to control motion on the screen.

With buttons for various controls, Sony boasts that controller offers true one to one tracking, true 3D pointing and sub-millimetre accuracy.

Sony's E3 on-stage demo showed how the system would work with anything from drawing games to sports games to - and this is likely the most interesting application, considering how the system translates to working on screen - a first person shooter mode.

Sony ended the motion controller presentation promising it would share more soon, ahead of the new controller's spring 2010 launch.