As expected, Sony has announced the launch of a new model into the PSP family - the PSP Go.

Rather than replace the most recent model of PSP, Sony has said that the PSP Go is the "next step in the evolution" of the PlayStation Portable, and will be offered alongside the PSP 3000.

Sony makes much of the fact that the PSP Go is designed for those with a "digital lifestyle", who don't require a UMD slot and are happy to download content to their handheld.

The PSP Go, with a 3.8-inch screen, is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the original model, gets 16GB of flash memory and will download games, music and movies via the PlayStation Network via its built in Wi-Fi.

Other features include Bluetooth and the ability to expand the memory via a Memory Stick Micro port as well as SensMe - borrowed from Walkman devices - that analyses music choices and creates playlists.

Sony is revamping the software for the PSP with Media Go due to replace Media Manager as a better way of organising content.

The PSP Go will go on sale from 1 October at $249 or 249 euros, in both the US and Europe, and, if Sony's promo video is to be believed will be available in black and white.

This translates to either $150 or £215, depending on which currency you convert to sterling, so it's safe to say UK pricing is uncertain at this time.