Those who work in the tech sector are "less selfish in bed and more open to using sex toys", new "nationwide research" has revealed.

A survey of over 2084 people in relationships, carried out by, apparently shows that those that worked in the fitness industry, or were regular gym goers, were "more likely to be selfish".

Four in five IT workers agreed that sex should be more about the partner, as opposed to the sports and fitness meanies that saw just 41% agree with that statement.

When asked "Do you regularly use sex toys with your partner?" the respondents that worked in the tech sector; in jobs within IT such as computer analysts, web design and development were most likely to, with eight out of ten tech workers saying they did. Perhaps they're not so worried by the tech spec or manuals of such devices.

As far as regularity of sex goes, 53% of office workers claimed to have sex 3 or more times a week, compared to business owners where just 21% said they had sex 3 or more times a week. Sports and fitness workers were second with 47%, followed by techies with 38% at third and manual workers at fourth with 36%.