There have been rumours pulsing throughout the Internet about a newly redesigned "slim" PS3, which we've held off reporting because Sony has flat-out denied everything.

Now, however, there are pictures, straight from that most reputable of sources - a Chinese message board. Various bits of the casing are on display, as is the packaging.

Pocket-lint remains doubtful of the authenticity of these pictures, particularly because the iconic gloss finish seems to have disappeared, as has the previous "PLAYSTATION 3" logo - to be replaced with the shorter "PS3".

It would be unusual of Sony to change the product's logo right in the middle of the console's life, but it's been suggested that the company is undergoing a bit of a reinvention at the moment.

So we'll open it up to you, readers. What do you think - are these pictures fake or legitimate? Would a slimmer PS3 make you ditch your Xbox 360 or Wii? Let us know in the comments below.