Logitech, as you may be aware, has a product called "Harmony", a universal remote which aims to let you control your entire home entertainment system with one device.

The difficulty comes when manufacturers don't support it, and up until recently that was the case for Sony's PS3 console. Sony uses Bluetooth, you see, whereas the Harmony works via infrared.

This adapter from Logitech bridges that gap by converting the IR signal from the remote into a Bluetooth one that the PS3 is happy with. All 51 PS3 commands are supported, including the ability to turn the console on and off.

As a result, the adaptor requires a plug socket for power - rather than being powered by USB on the PS3. If they'd taken that route, then the powering on/off functionality wouldn't have been available, because there's no USB power when the console is off.

The Logitech Harmony Adapter for PS3 will be available in Europe in July. We don't have UK pricing yet, but it costs $60 in the USA, so you'd probably estimate a price of £50 or so over here. As soon as we hear anything more concrete, you'll be the first to know.