Trend Micro has offered "web security" services for Sony's gaming devices since 2007, but now the company has announced that its services are available to PS3 and PSP users in two separate ways.

The two new offerings are described as a "pay per use" format for PS3 and as a "free" service for PSP users - free until July that is, when charging will be applicable, but amounts are not yet confirmed.

Trend Micro "Kids’ Safety" uses URL filtering technology and controls access by children of "harmful" websites.

URL filtering technology is used to block access to websites classified as belonging to certain categories. These are Adult/Sex, Cults/The Occult, Gambling, Crime, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol/Tobacco, Weapons/Military and Violence/Discrimination - and we hadn't realised this was a bad thing, but Sex Education.

Trend Micro Web Security offers protection against internet crime such as fraudulent acquisition of passwords by detecting malicious or fraudulent sites.

Pricing is £14.95 for PS3 protection or £26.95 for the bundle of the two products. PSP-only pricing to be confirmed.