Sony Pictures Television has announced eight new mobile games to be released in 2009, including three developed for the Apple iPhone platform.

The games are based on some of the studio's feature films and television shows, as well as PSP games, and are due to launch in the States from May through December this year.

As far as films go, Angels & Demons, based on the adaptation of Dan Brown's novel will see a May launch while a Ghostbusters game will launch for the iPhone in June.

The arcade character Q*Bert will make an appearance on the iPhone - and for Android phones - this summer while 007 fans will also get "Top Agent" come August, also on the iPhone.

Autumn will see the release of a Sports Illustrated game (answer sports questions get to look at pictures of girls in swimsuits) as well as Zombieland, a comedic undead adventure that will debut alongside the movie.

Voltron, from the 80s series is due at the end of the year and finally more film-themed fun can be had in 2012: The Mobile Game.