Sony has announced that it is dropping the price of its PlayStation 2 console in America following rumours that a "big" announcement was expected on Tuesday.

From 1 April US gamers looking to pick up the console will have to find just $99 to get their hands on the games machine that has sold over 50 million units in the US so far.

However while UK gamers were hoping the drop in price across the pond might translate to a sub £70 price point here, a spokesman for Sony PlayStation in the UK has crushed that dream telling Pocket-lint that there are no plans to drop the price.

"The RRP of PS2 (£94.99) will remain the same in the UK".

Meanwhile back in the US and Sony hopes the move will "introduce a new generation of consumers – some of whom weren’t even alive when the system was first introduced in 2000 – to the immense entertainment value offered by PlayStation 2".