PlayStation 3 and PSP users will soon be able to buy or rent movies and television programmes from NBC Universal through Sony's PlayStation Network.

The deal will see films from Universal Studios and popular TV shows from American station NBC being added to those already available from the likes of Fox, MGM, Disney, Paramount and of course Sony itself.

Sony Computer Entertainment America says that the addition of NBC Universal means its video service on PSN now features more than 1300 movies and 4500 TV episodes.

Universal will offer new movies such as the Oscar-nominated "Milk" alongside favourites like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin". NBC shows including "The Office" and "Heroes" will also be available.

The content is only currently being offered to US residents, and is downloadable directly through a PS3 or PSP. Prices will vary depending on the content and the format, but we'd guess current prices for similar content will be a good guideline.