Sony Japan has revealed a list of 24 companies that have been given licences to create content for PlayStation Home.

Red Bull was one of the first companies to announce its intentions for licensed content, and has since unveiled the Red Bull Air Race mini-game on its own in-world island.

EA and Capcom have also revealed their plans for Home, and now the list of companies released today shows more big names such as Disney, Sega and Ubisoft want to get in on the fun.

As well as big internationals, the list also shows big names in the Japanese gaming industry, as well as a number of independent Japanese developers.

Of course, the fact these companies have obtained a licence doesn't guarantee we can expect content, but the fact they've acquired it at least shows intent.

Here's the full list of companies with a licence:

* Acquire
* Activision
* AQ Interactive
* Atlus
* Capcom
* D3 Publisher
* Disney Interactive
* EA
* Game Republic
* Genki
* Gungho
* Hudson
* Irem
* Koei
* Konami
* Namco Bandai
* Nippon Ichi
* Paon
* Q Entertainment
* Sega
* SNK Playmore
* Spike
* Tecmo
* Ubisoft