Arsenal fans watching matches at the club's home ground could soon be able to watch replays of goals, tackles and impressive runs on their PSP.

The Premier League club's commercial director Adrian Ford explained that Sony itself was behind the new technology, and that the application would allow fans to watch live streaming video of a game, bring up data and statistics, as well as watch near-instant replays at the touch of a button.

Apparently, the state-of-the-art Emirates stadium could see the personalised video technology go live within 18 months, something Sony Europe's director of retail, transport and venues Eric Siereveld, described as the "next technological step" for the stadium. It already features HD screens for pre-match entertainment and in-game stats.

Siereveld also added that Sony's app could even allow supporters to create in-game communities.

"This device will brings an extra dimension to the game with information and statistics", he said.

"But we think that the next generation of the software that runs it could actually link fans during the game with each other".

So, it seems the message for PSP-owning Arsenal fans is watch this space.

Ford added: "There are a few rights issues that we have to overcome but on the basis that we do that, we think it's a product we can offer to our fans within the next 18 months or so".