Sony has announced that the much-loved PS2 has now sold more than 50 million units in the States.

We reported earlier this month that a study by Nielsen had revealed that the PlayStation 2 console was the most played console in America last year.

Despite being released nine years ago in 2000, the console has stood the test of time and continued to sell well worldwide, while other consoles that debuted around the same time have died out.

The latest sales figures from the NPD Group show that 206,000 PS2 consoles were sold in the US in November.

John Koller, head of Sony's US marketing believes that the console is an appealing choice for consumers in the current economic climate.

However anyone hoping for a price drop on the old favourite can think again, for now at least.

"We've looked at a variety of options, and I think we're pleased with where we are; it's a significant financial contributor for us and it sells very well at $129.99. We're comfortable with the current price", said Koller.