Both Sony and Microsoft have announced special edition consoles in Japan, for third party titles Yazuka 3 and Star Ocean: The Last Hope respectively.

The Ceramic White Yazuka 3 PS3 console is set for release on 26 February and features a silver print of the dragon tattoo sported by protagonist Kazuma Kiryu.

The console, bundled together with the game, will retail for 45,980 yen (around £329), and it seems Sony are hoping for a high adoption rate of the limited edition bundles. It has produced 100,000 Yazuka bundles - double the number for Metal Gear Solid 4.

While there are no production numbers available for the Star Ocean Xbox 360 bundle, we do know it will be made up of the console, a customised faceplate, the game and a music CD. Due out on 19 February, the bundle will cost 24,800 yen (around £178).