Just as Nintendo and Microsoft were celebrating on hearing the NPD data for their US November sales, Sony was doing the same, despite its PS3 console selling the least out of the three major players.

Year-to-date sales of Sony's consoles combined are up 60% on 2007, with November hardware sales up 93% on October's figures. In fact, over a million PlayStation units sold in November alone.

PS3 alone sold 378,071 machines, an increase of nearly 100% compared to October. This brings the machine’s total sales for the year to over 2.8 million units, and its game sales to 3,552,456, representing year-to-date growth of 150%.

PSP isn't giving up either, with its Rachet & Clank: Size Matter bundles shifting 420,539 units, seeing a 118% increase on the previous month. For a nine year old machine, PS2 still continues to hang in there as well, as its Lego Batman bundle sold 205,944 units in November.

All in all, year-to-date growth of the PlayStation brand is currently up 11% on last year, with hardware sales up 9% on 2007 and software sales up 16%. And for a year as hard as 2008 has been on finances, that's not bad.